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2021.10.18 21:16 BobSpaccatutto sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus

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2021.10.18 21:16 finerdinerlighter Four Tee the homing missile

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2021.10.18 21:16 Coffee009 Escaping certain death...

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2021.10.18 21:16 biimerge Macro to pull data from website

Hi all,
I’m working on a large project that I have almost completed. I used a static version of the source data to build out the macros and formulas and perform testing. Now that I have everything working properly, I need to build out a macro that can pull the source info from a password protected website.
Initially, I was told the source data was also housed on a local shared drive but I now find that is not the case.
Can anyone direct me on how to go about this?
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2021.10.18 21:16 CillyBean Hello Bello products - how are they?

So both hubby and I have sensitive skin problems.
I have eczema and it was quite severe when I was a baby all the way through to almost adulthood.
My hubby was born early and had very delicate skin.
I'm hoping both of these problems will skip my little boy but I'm ready for it if it does happen.
The Hello Bello products seem good for sensitive skin? I just bought their baby powered and diaper rash cream, just waiting on some diapers now.
I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for cute designs and their prices were the same/on par with both pampers and huggies so I figured why not?
We're first time parents so we won't really know what works best until babe is here anyway.
Anyone here try their stuff?
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2021.10.18 21:16 Branide Holy Crooked Penny :O

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2021.10.18 21:16 GrizzlyCharlie01 Beginner drawing tablet

I am looking to start getting back into art in general and I would love to get a drawing tablet to start my hobby again and see where it takes me, as a beginner what is a good tablet I have found the following on amazon and I am wondering whether it is good or not? Any help is appreciated.
I really like the idea of one with a display rather than the slate ones where they do not have a screen any recommendations are appreciated.
The Amazon listing states the following:
HUION New Kamvas 13 Graphics Tablet with Screen 13.3 Inch (Violet Purple) Come with Pen Tech 3.0 Battery-Free Pen First Pen Display that Supports Android Devices - Ideal for Remote Learning & Work
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2021.10.18 21:16 Harrycohen300 CHANGELLY HOLDING MY ~$50K worth of BTC(0.8540) FOR A WEEK NOW

Hi , im in the crypto market since 2017 i buy/sell/trade/hold cryptocurrencies since then I have proofs from my very first Blockchain wallet.
Recently (October 11-12,2021) I tried to SWAP/CONVERT about 0.8540 BTC TO USDT STABLECOIN ON THE LEDGER WALLET NETWORK. It's not the first time I SWAP a coin to USDT on my ledger thru CHANGELLY from my ledger , I did it 4 months ago with ETH to USDT and everything went smooth.
In this case , the BTC was sent to CHANGELLY wallet address and CONFIRMED on the blockchain network BUT my USDT swapped coins were put and still are ON HOLD. I sent an email to the security team @ CHANGELLY and they replied in less than an hour saying that my transaction was flagged and put on hold.
They said I needed to complete KYC procedures and Live Selfie thru a third-party website link in order to release my transaction/funds/coins. Personally, i don't mind doing the KYC steps so i did it right away after receiving their email to get this issue fixed.
I sent my personal information , my Driver's license and completed the Live Selfie step. Once i finished , the verification status was VERIFIED AND COMPLETED !
Then i received a second email from CHANGELLY saying they've received my documents and that we're almost done!
They also asked me to send proofs (receipts, screenshots or bank statement) that I own the coins which I also did and sent every proof i could find since my BTC were bought
with FIAT CASH from a seller i know personally. They asked me additional small questions and i always replied in less than 30 minutes because since this issue I'm very worried and anxious about my money so I'm always refreshing my email for any new update .
Its been 1 week already since the KYC was done and i still haven't got my transaction released or any update of my case with CHANGELLY.
When i email them to ask for updates , they always reply with a similar copy/paste message saying that my case is being reviewed and that they will inform me right away once everything is "checked".
So i started to search for reviews about their company on reddit and it seems many people had the same issue with them before but many refused to send their KYC info so they couldn't get their coins back. I did KYC , so why is it taking forever to complete my transaction ?
I understand that in 2021 most exchange platforms have KYC procedures to follow which is something no one has control over but it shouldn't take that long i can't use MY money.
So 2 days ago 2021-10-17 i sent them an email asking them to cancel the swap transactions or refund my 0.8540 BTC back in my LEDGER , i haven't received any reply from them concerning my request .
I'm very worried after reading different reviews from different cases because I never had to wait that long for a crypto transaction.
Is CHANGELLY exchange allowed to keep my funds on hold for that long after i sent KYC documents and is this long wait normal ? Any other exchange would've solved the situation in less than 48 hours in my opinion.
My swap id: 73dkesb0r86s2uwx
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2021.10.18 21:16 coolfool9592_ Thinking to Transfer Roth IRA from Vanguard to Schwab - What Happens to Vanguard Account?

I already have a Schwab Brokerage and Checking, and am leaning towards consolidating at Schwab. What happens when you transfer the holdings? Does the Vanguard account stay open and if so is there any reason to just keep it empty there in case I ever want to go back. Thinking in terms of record keeping, relationship, avoiding opening another account in the future. Any experiences appreciated.
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2021.10.18 21:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Think you know where the most vaccinated place in America is? You may be surprised. | Globe

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2021.10.18 21:16 ASMR-Lux [WTS] Xerjoff Erba Pura 100ml (bottle)

Hello guys I am selling this amazing bottle, it’s only been sprayed once! will come with samples
It’s 100ml full press and I am asking for $175 plus ship!
Shipping via priority!
Have an amazing day and thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.18 21:16 Spectreman_ Three weeks after final interview and no response. Do I still have a chance?

Three weeks have gone since final interview and absolutely zero contact from employer, a large American multinational company hiring for a senior role. I don't know how long this waiting process can take, but the anxiety is killing me. I don't like to follow up, I always feel I am adding unnecessary pressure to a sensitive process.
Any thoughts regarding the timeline from final interview to decision communication is welcome.
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2021.10.18 21:16 lotus102 Is it necessary to learn jewelry design to get started with jewelry design in CAD?

I have wanted to get into jewelry design for a while and specifically designing in a computer program. I live in sweden and we have no jewelry design courses but i found a course in the program called 3Design, i really want to be able to design fine jewelry pieces but is this going to be impossible if i have no previous knowledge in the technical side of jewelry?
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2021.10.18 21:16 Bones1225 I have an “off” day just about every week

About once a week I have a day I am just very off. I feel very anxious and restless. I want to just hide in my bed. Any task at all gives me a lot of anxiety and I don’t feel I can do it. I will get up and shower, get dressed and do my makeup and hair and then I just want to hide in my bed all day.
And I feel guilty. Because I should be cleaning the house or running errands or cooking or doing school work or trying to be a good partner to my fiancée. I should at least work out or go for a walk. But I don’t feel like I can. But I’m not tired either, I feel very restless. I tried to think of things to do to help, I do journal on these days.
Does anyone else have days like this? What helps?
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2021.10.18 21:16 Hairy_Error_4909 Scottish Identity and Burgerland

I'm an American that lives in the south, my family has all grown up on small family farms and little plots of land. My third great Grandfather was from Scotland and the rest of my family got here earlier but was also Scottish. I have known this about my family but did a DNA test anyways and with little surprise I was 70% Scottish. My last name is MacEwan.
However, I feel like a fraud or idiot for calling myself "Scottish" and really resent being American as I can't relate with the rest of the country or the culture beyond the one I find in Appalachia and some of northern Alabama and Georgia, which I am proud of. A part of me desperately wants to cling to that Scottish identity but I struggle to even see it as remotely valid given where I live. What do you think as a Scottish person? I feel like if I actually lived in Scotland seeing all of these Americans wanting to call themselves Celts would annoy me, but here I am as one. Thanks.
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2021.10.18 21:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Science] - How will our solar system end? A distant planet offers hints | NBC

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2021.10.18 21:16 JSimpson2k Bad teams and good teams plus teams eliminated from Super bowl

BAD teams find ways to lose games Good teams find ways to win games PERIOD! Bad teams that got crushed today Miami Texans Bears ummmmm not real bad but wtf 6 point home dog lost to pack again Wash well when you ain't got name yo should always lose Giants Lions both home dogs got smoked Patriots home dog lost by 6 in OT Browns home fav got buried alive 37-14 Steelers barely escaped a win -5 fav choked kick chip shot FG in OT 23-20 win what a joke NOW i will list the teams that will not make it out of playoffs or even sniff the SB 1.) Falcons 2.) JETS 3.) Giants 4.)Jaguars 5.) Dolphins 6.) Patriots 7.) Eagles 8.) Wash. 9.) Texans. 10.) Colts 11.) Panthers 12.) Saints 13.) Chargers 14.) Rams 16.) Broncos 17.) Bills 18.) (bills sos is reason they will not make it out of playoffs ranked 25th ) 19.)Titans 20) Cowboys i just dunno if they get to SB wow only 32 teams in this league! MORE teams that are just barely hanging on Cardinals now 6-0 but i think QB never played a playoff game
Chargers and Rams share same stadium and thats the host city for super bowl sorry guys happened once in 55 years aint goona happen again Chargers were exposed yesterday @ Ravens Rams luckily playing subbies only good win was vs the champs @ home but lost to 6-0 team cardinals

look at these jokes coming up on rams schedule lions at home @ texans then titans at home @ 49ers bye week then @ packers in nov after gb jaguars at home then @ cardinals then sehawks at home but russell will be back; then @ vikingsl away @ravens OK final game at HOME vs 49ers and maybe might lose that one 49ers might get healthy again or rams just bench it not playing hurt starters which is wrong thing to do making it 3 losses in a row to end season!
and it's DIV game so if lose 4 div games or 3 even i consider that weak yeah that might lose Cardinals and seahawks vikings is conf i think thy lose that one definitely think ravens beat them so if49ers show up and Beat them that would be 4 div losses oooooo yes another thing I dont think Mathhew stafford ever played a playoff game!
SO every QB 1st time in playoffs has failed to come out of playoffs oo this is going to take another thread the teams that i think will not make it out of playoffs only really 11 left that are playoff bound

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2021.10.18 21:16 skatopoytsa Epiko exei ta panta beite

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2021.10.18 21:16 1stTimeLeeSin 6'0 290lbs want to lose body fat and gain muscle but could use some advice on structure

Hi there, I'm 24/m from the UK and want to get back into the gym

I used to be 357 but went through a phase a few years ago where I religiously controlled my intake using MyFitnessPal along with weight training to lose around 70-80lbs in 10 months or so.

I want to get back into the gym and get back on that track for a healthier body but not sure how or where to start, I've started controlling my intake but what protein amount should I be aiming for someone of my size if I'd like to build muscle along with losing fat?

What exercises do you guys recommend I start with also to get back into the lifting routine? i was thinking 4-5 days a week (2 days of chest/arms, 1 of core, 1 of leg and one I'm not sure with)

I really enjoyed the lifting side of the gym and I found it was the side that made me kept coming back, I would always start with 20mins/30mins of c****o but I would really like to get back into lifting and working on my physique more.
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2021.10.18 21:16 grimsituation6 ?

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2021.10.18 21:16 Longjumping-Ad-781 Soy rodezelover 🙈😈🤫🥳🛐❤️

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2021.10.18 21:16 Havocnova Pokémon! Discord Version (Book 1) Arc 7 Beneath the Shade; Siren City Chronicles Part 4

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2021.10.18 21:16 cryptelfthebigfrog What's the easiest way at home, to go mentally insane?

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2021.10.18 21:16 marcolackin Direct deposit?

I usually get paid on Mondays around 12pm with cash app. i’ve yet to see anything.
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2021.10.18 21:16 Cc_6834 Forget the past. Looking to the future.

I think it is very difficult for a person to live alone for many years and only work in one's own life.
My recent performance has been very poor. I spend every day in nostalgia, sadness and loneliness. It has been more than five years since my marriage ended. My failed marriage was only a few months, but it brought me great pain and an unimaginable process.
For a while, I needed some good friends to communicate and share my life and release the pressure of my loneliness. Over time, we will make new friends, but I believe that few people are lucky enough to meet some kind, positive, and sincere people. So I will look for it slowly. Maybe not just to be friends, but we all need to wait and see.
Covid makes everything worse. It is difficult for us to meet people who can meet, but I hope I can meet some people from Canada and the United States, preferably those who are my age or older than me. After the epidemic is over, travel together and do something meaningful together. I really want to know how many people live in a divorced world like me. Believe me, divorce will not bring a good life. Unless you meet someone who can save you.
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