Website performance and the planet

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2022.01.24 12:57 SevereEddie Website performance and the planet

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2022.01.24 12:57 alexfights34 NFT art and copyright free music for sale

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2022.01.24 12:57 Wingerhiesnbower Anyone encounter graphics processor errors? (More in body)

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2022.01.24 12:57 vulpineleather It didn’t stop the bombs 💥💪🇺🇸💪

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2022.01.24 12:57 2112snarky Blown speaker effect.

I don’t have a blown speaker? That was a Musers microphone problem between 8:00 and 8:15?
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2022.01.24 12:57 Neddly_Ned How do I get over someone I was never with?

I hope this is okay to post here, but I wanted relevant insight. Throwaway account because my friends use Reddit.
Background: I'm 35f and I have been in love with one of my friends, 39M, since 2018. He is nerdy, kind, shy and funny, and over the pandemic we became close. We talk a lot about work, gym, mutual interests like our enjoyment of anime and music. He was in love with another woman in our friend group. She turned him down a year ago, so I thought I was in with a chance.
The present: We were sharing a hotel room together for a group getaway at the weekend. All was fine until we started drinking. Long story short, we ended up kissing, and I confessed to him how I felt. I thought it was fine because of his behaviour, but in my drunken state I said jokingly "I would ask you out, but you love someone else" - and he agreed and said sorry. He kissed me on the forehead and we fell asleep together.
We acted like nothing happened the next day, but honestly, I am heartbroken. I feel like an idiot, like I threw myself at someone who doesn't feel the same way and now I don't know how to talk to him. He has been sending me messages and asking if I want to talk about the weekend. Part of me wants to so I can get closure.
I want to be his friend and I care about him deeply, but I'm worried that being around him now will be too painful, and I don't know if I can continue to be his roommate at group meets anymore, in case I risk making an idiot of myself further. How do I get over this, and should I discuss it with him? Have I ruined our friendship?
TLDR: Confessed to my friend that I love them. They turned me down but offered to discuss it. What should I do, and how do I get over it?
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2022.01.24 12:57 opalmoon12 Is this probiotic dangerous?

I just got this probiotic, my pills don’t look tampered with or anything, but even though there’s plenty (thousands) of great reviews there are also a few thousand negative ones where people say their product was either tampered with, or they got severe pain or reactions.
I am new to supplements and probiotics and don’t know the ingredients to be wary of. Should I continue taking this product or throw it in the trash? [Probiotic I bought](Probiotics 60 Billion CFU - Probiotics and Prebiotics for Women & Men - 2 Month Supply, Natural Shelf Stable Probiotic Supplement with Organic Prebiotic, Acidophilus Probiotic - 60 CT
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2022.01.24 12:56 LuminescentWildwood Dammit, Jeev! I’m a Journalist not a novelist!

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2022.01.24 12:56 Blue_Steele7 Why is Binding of Isaac poop and pee themed?

I understand that Binding of Isaac lends heavily from that game where you match 3 or more resources and attack, but why is this "universe" bathroom themed? I can appreciate how it's a unique and encapsulated theme and it plays into the child-like side of the series, but why? It just feels a bit weird as somebody who isn't a big fan of poopy peepee, such as Mr. Hankey in South Park and Rick and Morty names like "Mr.Poopy Butthole".
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2022.01.24 12:56 bdinu89 AidiVerse Review: A Decentralized Ecosystem with Various Utilities and Crypto assets

AidiVerse is an Aidi Finance crypto asset and utility ecosystem that incorporates everything DeFi. From Gaming to NFTs to education to charity to community development, this universe aims to provide its users with a comprehensive DeFi package complete with various solutions and utilities. Full review
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2022.01.24 12:56 darunia484 WTT/WTS TSi2 4 Wood for Sim2 3 Wood/5 Wood (Regular Flex)

Hi - I have a TSi2 kuro kage regular flex shaft with headcover, looking for a good condition Sim2 fairway (15-19 degree) in good condition as well, preferably with headcover. Prefer regular flex, but might entertain senior flex as well.
Let me know if anyone has one they would be interested in trading.
If someone wants to buy this club, I would be interested in selling for $200 shipped.
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2022.01.24 12:56 MegaMissingno It's time to VOTE for the BEST spoilerless post of /r/ArminCult in 2021! [POLL 2]

The nomination period is behind us and now it is time to vote for the BEST spoilerless post of /ArminCult in 2021.
There were a total of 9 nominations for this category, and because Reddit's native poll function only supports 6 options at most, this category will be split into three rounds to determine the winner. The first and second round are posted today, and the top 3 from both rounds will advance to the final third round to determine the winner.
The other categories will be voted on in the coming days.
The nominees for this category are:
Armin in combat by TheGodOfDestruction
Protect his smile by bluesolid
... by Used_Ad5472
Armin as Ranka Lee by Eyeofgaga
View Poll
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2022.01.24 12:56 TheDoodleDesigner February 2022 Bullet Journal Set Up Encanto Theme Part 2! l Plan With Me 🌵

I hope you guys enjoy my new video on an Encanto Bullet Journal for February! Comment down below any new ideas!
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2022.01.24 12:56 KRAGE1201 Norton Password Manager site hacked?

I can't get Norton Password Manager site to react on login from phone or browser...
It seems to be hacked
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2022.01.24 12:56 Spare_Silver_3937 4461 9688 9583 add me

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2022.01.24 12:56 lassielikethedog Is it illegal to suggest committing a crime?

Say I have a friend who has money problems, and I tell him that he could rob a bank for money. I don’t provide a specific plan or anything, I just put the idea in his head.
If the friend robs a bank after hearing my suggestion, would I have any criminal liability?
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2022.01.24 12:56 bimbiibop I need help finding a similar product to

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2022.01.24 12:56 chaseinthyface What is one belief you have that seems to contradict the rest of your personality?

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2022.01.24 12:56 Snoo_62373 Where does Sweden rank overall in Mens Handball?

Right now and also recent years.
Some users have attacked me for saying that Sweden is not a top 20 nation.
But what makes Sweden better than Spain, Denmark ,France, Croatia, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Slovenia, Egypt, Serbia, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Belarus? Sweden is behind all those nations i every way.
Sweden is getting overhyped becuse some lucky draws.
Please keep it civil, not agreeing with me does not mean you have to be angry.
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2022.01.24 12:56 Rear-gunner NASA says space debris will slam into the James Webb Space Telescope.
Are there any actual plans to deal with the garbage in space? I remember a few schemes, e.g. lasers, but nothing seems to be happening even though it is getting more congested around Earth. This is threatening a catastrophic collision; we have already had a few close calls.
Here, the big problem with the James Webb is that, unlike Hubble, we cannot repair it.
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2022.01.24 12:56 a_pessimistic_dude Someone I follow on Twitter pointed out that Ludwig Goransson definitely based the Book of Boba Fett's main theme on a song from the 1984 Swedish film "Ronja Rövardotter"

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2022.01.24 12:56 LockDown2451 Is this game still fun?

I used to love this game, but I sort of stopped playing at the end of year 4. I haven't really heard any news about it and know the player numbers are significantly down. This may not be the place to post this, but I was wondering why you guys still play it? Not saying it's a bad game, I just want to know what it offers that keeps bringing you back. I'm not one who "wishes it was like how it used to be", but I do want to know what the current community values or dislikes about it. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.24 12:56 FCN_872 QC!!!! First ever pairs of J’s

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2022.01.24 12:56 giratempo Ekko vs Yasuo and Leblanc

I have a hard time playing against Yasuo and Leblanc. I wanted to know how to play this lane, which seems to be so difficult :/
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