Are minors graded?

2022.01.24 13:26 arseniy25 Are minors graded?

Do you get a grade for the classes you took in a minor (not for each class specifically, but for the minor as a whole)? Or do you just get a minor and that's it without it having to have its own grade?
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2022.01.24 13:26 AngryBagOfDeath I need a book suggestion for my wife (36) who doesn't read much but I'd like to see read more.

I've seen her buy a couple books but which are non fiction but I don't think she actually read them. One was Heroine (Mindy McGinnis), and the other Ride of a Lifetime (Robert Iger). I only read horror and fiction so I'm at a loss. Maybe a gripping true story. I remember at one time she was interested in a book about a reformed child guerrilla fighter in Africa but the book title escapes me.
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2022.01.24 13:26 GuayMC VoLTE is doing strange things...

Hi, folks! Since I updated to OxygenOS 12, I have been facing a strange bug.
I don't know if this is a visual bug, but whenever I make a call, the network switches to 3G, and then to H+, but Google Dialer says it's an HD call.
Has this happened to you? How can I fix it?
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2022.01.24 13:26 aydjile Meduli's Fountain Square Discord

Greetings citizens. Since #general at official discord can be overwhelming sometimes. It would be prudent to have ability to communicate on more local level. Therefore I've created discord server for people who want to network, sell/buy, organize and shoot the breeze in your favored city. All is welcome.
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2022.01.24 13:26 heiligepika69 Ps4 Repentance

It seems as if the version of repentance on ps4 is behind on the pc version is this normal, i found this out due to not being able to find out c section glass eye or stye
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2022.01.24 13:26 DaddyDariusChad69 Frien? :)

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2022.01.24 13:26 Markoriginals SCP 502 Surrogate Heart

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2022.01.24 13:26 TheCosmicSlayer Blursed choo choo

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2022.01.24 13:26 thestrucguyYT Today, I made a short video about this circular bridge in Uruguay. The bridge is used to cross the lagoon but also serves other purposes.

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2022.01.24 13:26 dylaltchi Red or Blue Takis?

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2022.01.24 13:26 EDWNucleus Automatic edge to edge zoom

Is it possible to stop GoodNotes from automatically filling the screen edge-to-edge with pdfs? In other words, can it be made in such a way you can 'zoom out' with the screen automatically filling the iPad screen once your fingers are released (e.g. the way you can zoom out in Notability and the app allow you stay zoomed out?)
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2022.01.24 13:26 Broad_Flatworm7188 [Italian > English] Can anyone provide a transcription/translation of what is being said in these videos? Thank you!
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2022.01.24 13:26 dwaxe Obnoxious Toddler Really Rubbing His Childlike Sense Of Wonder In Everyone’s Faces

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2022.01.24 13:26 Feisty_Bumblebee1221 Online students be like

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2022.01.24 13:26 aerteskud Havde ikke forestillet mig at se madpakken i en gruppe som denne 🙈

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2022.01.24 13:26 Nate_Russell03 Star Wars: The True Intent of the Whills

The True Intent of the Whills Theory of who the Whills are and the objective they seek
Part 1: The Nature of the Whills Adventures of Luke Starkiller , As Taken From the Journal of the Whills. The Journal of the Whills, once just a forgotten potential title for what we will come to know as Star Wars, but also a cannon element, crucial to the greater Star Wars narrative. The Whills are described as a community of beings that continually watch and influence the Star Wars universe as we know it. They have a symbiotic relationship with the iMidi-Chlorians, microscopic lifeforms who bind the universe together and reside in all living things, creating what we know as the force. The Whills feed on the force and use it to create the universe and set all things in motion, some may call this creating destinies or fate. They are able to guide living beings to find their fate or destiny through Shamen of the Whills. These Shamen of the Whills are avatars created to bridge the Physical and spiritual world, thus separating the living force from the cosmic. In essence, the Whills are what we can equate to Gods, laying the groundwork for the universe and all that come from it. It is unknown how much involvement they truly have in the physical universe, only that they have the ability to watch and record all that happens.
Part 2: Interpretation of the Whills While the origin of where the whills come from is unknown, it is up to the individual to fill in the gaps and the story that has yet to be told. Evidence can be pointed that these beings are multiple and have a consensus of some kind, meaning it is plausible that there could have been a physical representation at some point. This makes me believe these beings were once primitive life forms, the first to have contact with and connect to the Midi-Chlorians. As stated before, Midi-Chlorians are microscopic life forms that bind the physical universe together, and reside in all thriving things. The communication and connection to these Midi-Chlorians allowed these primitives to tap into what we know as the force, and begin to unlock its power. Thus, creating a new reality in which living beings can access the force and all the power that comes with it. This is where I find the best evidence for the Whills, these primitive beings, to create the universe, or rather change it and recreate it. The primitives being in an environment unbothered by politics and dogmas of modern civilization, they could focus on all aspects of the force, not separating it into light and dark. The force comes in two parts, which will later be deemed as the Lightside and the Darkside. Starting with the light, this portion of the force focuses on loving the universe around you and protecting it without getting attached. Learning to let go while having compassion for everything, external growth. While, what is known as the dark, is the focus of self care and seeking the power to be the best version of oneself. Learning to look inward, finding the destroying flaws within, internal growth. Only with both aspects of the force working simultaneously, can one find true enlightenment. The primitives were able to balance both, transcending the physical world, leaving it behind, yet still connected to it, becoming the Whills. While in this state of almost God-like power, the Whills attempt to guide others to find the force and join them in enlightenment, however, these individuals are corrupted by the pulls of light and dark, unable to join them and find balance. This creates factions of dark and light users, later deemed Jedi and Sith, that later adopt laws and motives, each unable to see the true nature of the force. As time goes on, the divide only gets deeper, with civilization and politics blinding anyone to find true balance. There are well known force sensitive artifacts called Kyber Crystals. These Kyber Crystals have a very strong connection to the force, even going as far as being semi sentient. These Kyber crystals are bonded with the cosmic force and are the objects that allow lightsabers to work as they do. Kyber is found on the planet Illum, where the jedi go to find their crystals that call out to them. Once the jedi are in possession of the crystal, the lightside of the force influences the color of the blade to mainly a blue or green. The influence of the lightside bonds the crystals to the living force, however this is only the first step into becoming pure balanced crystals. From there it is on the duty of the darkside to make the kyber “bleed” (not as flesh bleeds, but as a term to describe discovering what is deep inside) a red hue, using darkside emotions to entertain the kybers next step in balance, a change inside itself. In order to come to complete balance, the crystal must be rid of all color by introducing the light back into it, without removing the darkside, thus becoming completely balanced in the light and dark, as well as the living and cosmic force. The first step in enlightenment is later discovered, seen in the Force Ghosts. This is when true understanding of selflessness and non attachment is achieved. They are able to maintain their consciousness after death, and live with a foot in the cosmic force, as well as the living force. They detach themselves from their physical body whether it is disappearing into the cosmic force, or having their body turned into energy through cremation, this is why we are allowed to see Anakin Skywalker as a force ghost, even though his physical body had not disappeared. One individual who is widely accepted to not have the ability to become a force ghost while still maintaining their consciousness is Qui Gon Jinn. He explains to Yoda that his training in the cosmic force and life after death is incomplete, however that does not mean he is not capable of completing it after death. We see potential evidence of this in the Mortis arc in “The Clone Wars,” which will be touched on later. The “body” like ghosts we see, that have been known to still interact with the physical world, whether it be merely sitting on a log, moving vines, or as powerful as creating a lighting storm. This could be the midichlorians acting alone, without the physical body. It takes the shape and appearance of those who they had, and still have a symbiotic relationship with. The soul and consciousness lives on in the cosmic force, while the midichlorians live on in the living force. While this is a step in the right direction, it is still not true enlightenment, as they did not master the darkside, truly unlocking their full potential and power within themselves. Only by balancing both 100% can it be achieved.
Part 3: The Prophecy "A Chosen One shall come, born of no father, and through him ultimate balance in the Force will be restored." This is a prophecy received by the Jedi, in which they understand it to be the destruction of the darkside, allowing the light to reign supreme. However, this is grossly misread. If we break it down into each line, it can be seen as a test by the Whills to find a successor to their power, an attempt to have another find true balance and enlightenment. The first line goes as follows, “A Chosen One shall come.” This can be seen as one picked out by the Whills, one they choose to bear the burden of their test. “Born of no father” for the one we have chosen will be conceived by us, created from the living force to be our champion. “And through him” meaning within him, as an individual. “Will ultimate balance in the force,” he will master both the light and the dark concurrently. “Will be restored” back to the way we have created it, not separate, but as on, as the Whills. Broken down, this prophecy had been completely misread and used to corrupt and destroy the test that the Whills had laid out. This brings us to the Mortis arc from “The Clone Wars.” During this arc, many universe altering events take place that change the way we look at the chosen one and the force as a whole, at face value. However, looking at it from the perspective that has been laid out, this could be seen as Anakin's final test by the whills, to see if he can truly become one with the force and join them. While Obi Wan has, what could be a vision, or a visit from Qui Gon’s force ghost (Still up for debate if it was truly Qui Gon or not) it is stated that the Daughter, the Son, and the Father (Representing the light, dark, and balance respectively) have drawn Anakin to Mortis as they believe he is the chosen one. If the Jedis interpretation of the prophecy was correct, it would not make sense for these three individuals to seek out Anakin, as their goal was to keep Anakin on Mortis to achieve balance. Not to destroy the darkside, but conquer it, along with the light. It is possible these three individuals were the first attempt by the Whills of testing living beings to become one with the force years prior, but obviously had failed due to the corrupting nature of the dark and light side. That is why the father wants Anakin to take his place as he is the next, presumably improved, test subject. This brought about the failure of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker. Anakin was the vessel chosen and created by the Whills to be the next perfect being to find enlightenment. They created him to see if it is still possible to overcome the modern dogma and society and transcend the universe. However, this had turned out to be a failure, as the divide between light and dark turned out to be too far. First, Anakin was pulled to the light, forced to remove all attachment without learning the true love for them. This created conflict, later pushing Anakin to seek power for himself, not to boost his connection to the force, but for selfish intent, a vain physical attachment to the universe. The wrong messages were conveyed on each side, inhibiting Anakin's understanding of balance, blocking his path to enlightenment. The Failure of Anakin had proven to the Whills it is impossible for any to join them in transcendence. It is now their job to continue along the path of time and space, only to view and record the vast future of a galaxy far, far away.
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2022.01.24 13:26 richieman369 I know it is in reference to Kanye's ranch but I can't help myself everytime I hear it, shit sounds so retarded 💀 no way he didn't think about that

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2022.01.24 13:26 Upschooling ଦେବୀପାଦ-Recitation-କବିତା ଆବୃତ୍ତି ମଞ୍ଚ-a formal reading of verse before m...

ଦେବୀପାଦ-Recitation-କବିତା ଆବୃତ୍ତି ମଞ୍ଚ-a formal reading of verse before m... submitted by Upschooling to UpschoolingGBSuar [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 13:26 dr_brucebanner3 Finally watched Ford v Ferrari and what I think is

It was depressing and sad film. I really wish they did kind of what tarantino did in OUATIH. I know life is shit and all.. but movies are the thing which gives you liberty to change things, to portray life as a happy thing. Let people have happy ending atleast in that though not in real life. Cinema is the weapon which serves that. This is how I feel. Could have atleast shown Ken miles live happily thereafter, no matter he does or does not win le mans.
For me, who did know nothing about what happened to Ken miles sat watchin it, it was really wholesome for first few minutes, I really loved Jon bernthal's character. But then as the film went on, Leo Beebe was such a turnoff who annoyed me, so it became less and less wholesome and ended up as tragic.
I personally hate sad films, so the blame is only on me. I am not shittin on the film or anything. Just venting it out
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2022.01.24 13:26 ops9260 CryptoConvicts is giving out whitelist spots!!!

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2022.01.24 13:26 keajacks Idk what the fuck is happening anymore. I’m 10 months PP and TTC again and my cycles have changed sooo much

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2022.01.24 13:26 kagestorm What anime is this? Female vigilante in all black with a wide brim hat, pretends to be a detective or teacher during the day?

Female co-worker in love with her, can't disclose her identity. I don't have any pictures I just remember this plot. I remember watching it on TV around the same time that Cyborg 009 was being aired.
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2022.01.24 13:26 Flunkiebubs A realization I just had about ME3...

...If there's a second trilogy, 7 years down the line when Mass Effect 6 comes out, ME3 will just be the awkward middle-child of the series rather than the sour end we see it as now.
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2022.01.24 13:26 hkhk_ Breaking up with GF and fall in love with Chill house. I need some Chill House Playlist suggestion to forget my ex :(

Hi. Yeah that what you just read. Break up and recovering now. I tried to listen some songs to forget my gf. Have listened all of the songs in this playlist and now I want more. If anyone here had broke up, pls give me some suggestion below. Thanks!
P/s: Acutually the playlist link I pasted is quite good though.
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